Step 2. Specify Parameters

CTE040 – Create the LANSA Stack

Specifying the parameters will define how your LANSA Stack behaves. It is the most important step in creating a stack and needs to be considered carefully. But, the worst that may happen is you need to recreate the stack again. You will see that instantiating a stack is not difficult to do, but understanding the effects of the various parameters and what will suit your application is another matter. Still, it's a great environment to try it and see what happens.

The user interface provided by AWS for CloudFormation templates is very basic. The parameters are in alphabetical order in a list. The most important parameters are listed at the top by prefixing the parameter name with a number to ensure it displays in the right order. All the help text for this dialog is provided on the dialog.

1.  The most important parameters that you must specify are (in template order):

a.  LansaMSI, unless you are running the demo

b.  DBPassword

c.  WebPassword

d.  KeyName

e.  RemoteAccessLocation

f.  WebPassword

g.  It's also advisable to change the DBUsername and WebUser to non-default values

2.  The description of some of the parameters starts "Update Stack:". These parameters are only relevant when updating the stack. All the Trigger parameters are examples of this and they have no effect when creating the stack, so you may safely skip them for the moment. Exercises using the Triggers are provided later on.

3.  Review each of the parameters and its help text in the Specify Parameters dialog

4.  Click Next.