Step 2. Specify Parameters

CTE080 – Apply LANSA Application Upgrade to all Web Server Instances

1.  Click the Use Existing Value checkbox on the three parameters which use it: DBPassword, DBName and WebPassword. You must do this otherwise the Stack update will fail.

2.  Scroll down the list of parameters to the LansaMSI and TriggerIcingUpdate parameters.

3.  Specify the URL of your application upgrade and increment the TriggerIcingUpdate value by 1. In this example, enter 2 and click Next.

4.  On the Options dialog click Next

5.  On the Review dialog, check the 3 password parameters display ellipsis and the LansaMSI  TriggerIcingUpdate parameters are the values you expect.

6.  Scroll to the end of the Review dialog and acknowledge the capabilities, then click Update:

7.  The list of stacks is displayed and the stack you updated will have a status of UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS. Within a short time the stack will show UPDATE_COMPLETE. The LANSA Upgrade itself has not completed, just the application of the change to the template.