Deploy Applications using JIT

What is Just in Time (JIT) Deployment?

All packages associated with an application are copied to on an Application Server. That is, the initial version and any subsequent patches or new versions. After the initial installation, each time a user launches the application, the application first connects to the Application Server to check for any patches or a new version. Any new patch or version will automatically install before the application launches.

The Application Server is simply a Visual LANSA system, with a Listener and a SuperServer license. A single user license is usually sufficient as it is only used during the JIT Upgrade processing.

The application install package and all subsequent patches or new versions are built as usual but with the addition of a Just in Time setting that points to the JIT server. If the JIT server is on Windows, the only JIT settings required are Partner LU Name and User ID and Password. The User ID and Password must be for a local or domain profile for the server being used.

The exercises required for this deployment are:

DTE010 – Set Up the Deployment Tool

DTE015 – Create Client Server Application

DTE075 – Create a Just in Time Server Installation

DTE080 – Create a Client Install Package with JIT Support

DTE085 – Install Client Application with JIT Support

DTE090 – Create a Patch for Client Personnel Application with JIT Update