DTE040 – Create Version 2 Package


To make a minor change to the appearance of the application and then create Version 2 to install the changed application.

What is a New Version?

A new version is created by copying the original version. The new version will contain all the components installed by the original version. The Windows Installer will process a Version upgrade as a full installation. If an earlier version is located on the target system the Windows Installer will un-install the older version before installing the new version.

Version or Patch Upgrade?

The main advantage of a Patch is it is much smaller and therefore more easily (more quickly) installed. A Patch only install changes. A Patch must detect an install with the same GUID. See the Visual LANSA Application Deployment Tool guide for more information.

To achieve this objective, complete the following:

Step 1. Set DLL Version

Step 2. Enhance the Application

Step 3. Create Version 2 Package

Step 4. Install Version 2


Before You Begin

You must have completed the following exercises:

DTE010 – Set Up the Deployment Tool

DTE015 – Create Client Server Application

DTE020 – Create Version 1 Package

DTE025 – Install Version 1 Package

DTE030 – Modify the Employees Application

DTE035 – Create a Patch for the Employees Application