Step 1. Add Routing Table to Application

DTE020 – Create Version 1

A client server application requires a routing table which LANSA communications will use, in order to connect to the server.

1.  In the Deployment Tool main window, select the II Personnel System application and click the LANSA Communications button on the toolbar.

2.  The LANSA Communications Administrator dialog opens:

     An empty routing table (lroute.dat) is created in the package work folder (….\X_PKGWRK). You need to add a routing entry suitable for the production server with which the installed application will connect.

3.  Click New and complete the following information to suit your IBM i server and the LANSA Listener for the LANSA system being used for training.

     Partner LU Name: <a descriptive name for this server connection>

     Fully Qualified Name of the Host: <the server name or IP Address>

     Connection Identifier: <the port number used by the LANSA IBM i Listener>

4.  Click OK to save the new entry.

5.  Close the Route Information dialog.