Step 3. Install the Patch

DTE035 – Create a Patch for the Employees Application

In this step you will follow essentially the same steps as when you installed Version 1 of the Personnel System.

1.  Locate the install file by selecting the patch in the Deployment Tool and click on the Go to folder toolbar button to open Explorer at the …\X_APPS\IIPERSON folder.

2.  Double click on the patch file. e.g. IIPERSON_V1.0.0.1_en-us.msp

     Note: This patch installs four changed program files (DLLs) and involves no database changes. The application was installed by Version 1 as a per-user installation. This means that in Windows 7 or Windows 8 the patch can be installed by double clicking the MSP file.

3.  The Windows Installer will locate the installed software and confirm that Patch 1 is for the GUID as Version 1.

4.  There are fewer dialogs to display during a patch installation:

5.  Click the Finish button to close the install program.

6.  Run the Employees Application. Notice that the employee details panel now includes only the virtual fields for start date and terminate date in DDMMYY (or MMDDYY) format. The start date and terminate date in YYMMDD format are no longer shown on the details panel and they are not included as columns in the browse panel.