Client Connecting to a Windows Server

DTE100 – Execute Client to Windows Server Installation

You will find more details on this topic in this guide. For example refer to Deploy Client / Server Applications.

If you plan to implement your own application with a Windows or Linux server you must review this material in detail.

The following is a high level summary that covers only the main concepts:

Windows Client Connecting to Windows Server using SuperServer Built In Functions

This is the scenario covered by this group of exercises. It is also the recommended architecture for all LANSA client server applications, whether the server is IBM i, Windows or Linux.

The Windows Server LANSA installation includes:

The database, with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or Sybase SQL Anywhere as the DBMS. Note that the licensing of this deployed DBMS is your responsibility. See the Support Platforms document on the LANSA web site for details of the versions supported.

The Windows client installation includes:

The client may be installed on the desktop, on a file server or on a virtual machine (Citrix or MS Terminal Server).