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Embedded Webpages

You can use the HTML container to embed any external web content to your web application components or reusable parts.

The HTML container allows raw HTML to be embedded in a page. This is useful you want to use a particular feature of HTML which cannot easily be emulated in LANSA.

Adding an HTML container on a web page or reusable part will result in a DIV element in the generated HTML. Any HTML you provide will be encapsulated in this DIV. The container can be resized and positioned by layout managers as appropriate.

In this simple example an HTML container shows a heading:

Define_Com Class(#PRIM_WEB.HtmlContainer) Name(#Html1) Parent(#COM_OWNER)
Evtroutine Handling(#Com_owner.Initialize)
   #Html1.html := '<h1>My heading</h1>'

Note that using raw HTML introduces browser dependencies and browser specific functionality.