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Event Log Manager for Error Resolution

The new LANSA Event Log Manager collects and centralizes detailed event and error information for all Visual LANSA related products, thus eliminating the need to manually search for log and trace files.

It makes error resolution easy by recording the location of trace and log files and the reason for why a file could not be created.

The centralized event and error log information is available for:

If you need to report a problem, you can use Create Zip File… to collect information about the PC, the LANSA System involved in logging, the LANSA related registry settings for Windows User IDs involved, and the version number of the LANSA related files in each installation to create a zip file.

You can also turn event logging off or limit the amount of data logged with each event log record.

Use the Search in Files… option to search for text in trace/log files and configuration files.

Erase the event log when you want to replicate a specific scenario and only see information relevant to it.

To start the Event log Manager, locate and execute LANSAEventLogManager32 or LANSAEventLogManager64 (for 32 or 64 bit operating systems) in the Tools directory of your LANSA system: