8.2 What is the Export/Import Facility?

The export and import facilities in LANSA enable the definitions of fields, files or processes to be "exported" from one LANSA partition and then "imported" into another LANSA partition.

Objects that are not part of the LANSA system, such as user defined data areas or message files, may also be exported and imported via these facilities.

The export and import operations may involve LANSA partitions resident on the same machine either within the same LANSA system or different LANSA systems, or resident on different machines.

The most common example of moving objects is when an application is modified. The changed objects will be moved from a development partition into a production partition. The partitions might be in the same system or might be in different systems. The systems might be on the same machine or different machines.

The importance of the "export" and "import" facilities is that they allow LANSA applications to operate effectively in multiple environments on the same computer, or on multiple computers within an organization.