10. Reorganizing the LANSA Internal Database

LANSA stores information about fields, files, functions and processes in a number of database files. These internal LANSA files reside in the LANSA system "data" library, normally called DC@DTALIB.

For example, when a LANSA file is defined, while the database file and its associated I/O Module are created in the partition data library, the details used by LANSA to define the file (fields in the file, validations, logical files, access routes, help text) are stored in several LANSA internal database files in the system data library. When a file maintained by another system is made known to LANSA, its definition is stored in these same internal files.

In order to improve the performance of any IBM i application, the database files should be "reorganized" on a regular basis to:

For further details, refer to Re-Organizing the LANSA Internal Database in the LANSA for i User Guide.