11.1 A Simple Restore Strategy

In the event of total system failure, if you have followed the suggested backup frequencies, you will be able to restore LANSA for i by following these steps:

1.  Re-establish all existing user profiles and authorities before starting these restore steps.

2.  Re-establish the system from the latest LANSA Software Object backup.

3.  If any new upgrades or EPCs were applied to LANSA for i after this backup was taken, reload or reapply them.

   If necessary, these can be (re)supplied by your product vendor.

4.  Overlay the latest weekly and daily backups available.

5.  Recompile any user defined programs that were created or amended since the last backup.

6.  LANSA for i is ready to use. At worst, one full day's work may be lost, but only if you have taken backups at the recommended frequency.