1.2 Task: Configure IBM i Web Server (powered by Apache)

LANSA Web supports CGI on IBM i.

If you have used a Typical Install or if you have selected CGI during the Custom Install of the LANSA Web, then a default IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) configuration will have been installed on your system named the same as your LANSA program library.

After reviewing the installation configuration, you should be ready to test your LANSA Web environment using the 1.2.1 A Simple WAM to Test My Web Configuration

Refer to Summary of Installed Objects.

If you are using a Multi-tier installation, go to 1.3 Task: Configure Multi-tier IBM i LANSA Web Installation .

If you wish to configure the IBM HTTP Server and CGI yourself, you will find instructions for doing so on the LANSA Web site www.LANSA.com/support titled Configuration of IBM HTTP Server using CGI.