12. Change from QGPL to a LANSA Communications Library

To use a separate Communications Library instead of QGPL, use the following procedure to update your LANSA library structure:

Note: You should be an experienced LANSA user if you are performing these steps. They should NOT be carried out immediately before running a LANSA upgrade as you will need to test your changes thoroughly before running the upgrade.

1.  BEFORE you upgrade your LANSA system, create the new LANSA Communications Library. You might name this library DCXCOMLIB (or use whatever name meets your site standards).

2.  Back up the DC*, LC*, LX*, W3*, GU*, JSM*, LWEB.DAT, LIBEX*, ZLIB4* and LANSA* objects in the QGPL library.

3.  Restore these backed up objects to your new DCXCOMLIB.

4.  Remove the DC*, LC*, LX*, W3*, GU*, JSM*, LWEB.DAT, LIBEX*, ZLIB4* and LANSA* objects from the QGPL library.

5.  Remove loader objects (if there are any) left from a previous installation or upgrade. Refer to Remove old Loader Objects from QGPL following.

6.  Modify all LANSA related job descriptions, user profiles, sub-system descriptions, etc. so that the new DCXCOMLIB is included in the library list before QGPL. (You should leave QGPL in your library list in case there are other non-LANSA objects required by your jobs.)

7.  Change the Communications Library name in data area DCXLOADA01, position 21 using this command:

 CHGDTAARA dtaara(<pgmlib>/DCXLOADA01 (21 10)) VALUE(<comlib>)

8.  Change the CGI Library name in data area DCXLOADA02, position 21 using this command

 CHGDTAARA dtaara(<pgmlib>/DCXLOADA02 (21 10)) VALUE(<cgilib>) 

     If the CGI Library is the same as the COMLIB then use the COMLIB for the <cgilib> value.

     Note: Sometimes the CGI LIB is not the same as COMLIB.

9.  Test your LANSA system to ensure that it works with the new library. Be sure to check your developer and user profiles. Check all batch and interactive jobs. Remember to check any client/server jobs, including LANSA Client, LANSA SuperServer and Host Monitors for Visual LANSA. Test your LANSA Web applications. Check your LANSA Web Administrator and Editor. Keep checking for several days or even weeks to ensure that you have not missed any library list updates.

10. If you are using LANSA with Web, you will need to change your Web configuration file (…/conf/httpd.conf) to reference your new Communications Library. That is, replace QGPL with the new Communications library.

11.Other changes:

 CHGDTAARA dtaara(<jsmlib>/JSMDRTDTA (11 10)) VALUE(<comlib>)

 CHGDTAARA dtaara(P41JSMLIB/JSMDRTDTA (11 10)) VALUE(<comlib>)

     This option will not be required if the library is not QGPL:
 CHGDTAARA dtaara(P41PGMLIB/LCOVLDL (945 10)) VALUE(<comlib>)

Any other references to QGPL in these data areas must be changed to comlib.

Remove old Loader Objects from QGPL

If the following objects exist in QGPL they should be removed:

DCXLOAD*        Type *DTAARA


DC@LOAD*        Type *FILE

DCXLOAD*        Type *FILE

DCXLOAD*        Type *MSGF

PC@LOAD*        Type *PGM

DC@PC*          Type *PGM

DC@LOAD*        Type *PGM



The following commands could be used to do this.