1.6.2 IBM i Import of LWEBSF & WEBLETS

The LWEBSF and WEBLETS save files must be imported into the partition before you begin any WAM configuration or development. For Weblets, the partition must be RDMLX.

These steps only are required if you created a new partition after you installed LANSA.


To import the LWEBSF Save file, complete the following step:

1.  Sign on to the IBM i using a user profile which has authority to the LANSA system.

2.  From an IBM i command line (CALL QCMD), execute the LANSA command:

      <pgmlib>/lansa PARTITION(ppp) DEVELOPER(A)

     where ppp is the partition which is to be Web enabled.

3.  From the Administration Menu, select the Partition Initialization option.

4.  Select the Web Enable option to automatically Web Enable the partition. Weblets will also be imported if the partition is RDMLX.

5.  Once the job is completed, check the import job log to ensure that the job has completed successfully.

General Information

You must import the LWEBSF and WEBLETS IBM i save files into each partition in which you plan to develop WAMs. The import is needed only once (per LANSA version) to each web enabled partition.

The LWEBSF and WEBLETS save files are stored in the LANSA program library. Do NOT delete these save files.

The import can be done during Partition Initialization (refer to LANSA for i including Web with the install process or Select LANSA Components with the upgrade process.

Always check the job log after the import has been completed.

If you have NOT imported LWEBSF and you attempt to use the LANSA Web PC-based Administrator, you will receive the following type of LANSA Validation Message "No file definition found with full or partial name . . .".

Go to 1.6.3 Web Enable IBM i Partition using LANSA Web Administrator.