1.6.4 Default User for the IBM i Partition (Optional)

These steps are optional.

If you are using anonymous user access to the Web site, you can configure a partition-specific default user profile.

1.  Start the Web Administrator.

2.  Connect to the IBM i Data/Application Server as partition security officer.

3.  Choose the Security menu and select the User Registration… command.

     The User Registration window is displayed:

4.  Press the Add button on the Add User dialog to register a new user.

5.  Enter the required information. For the Web User, choose Anonymous user for partition and enter the three character partition identifier. For more information about the IBM i user profile, refer to Web and IBM i User Profiles in the LANSA Web Administration Guide.

6.  Exit from the LANSA Web Administrator.

The new partition is now ready for use.

You have completed the Web Enable New IBM i Partition using Web Administrator task.