1.5.2 No User Authentication - Anonymous User Access

The Anonymous User Access security model uses a default user profile for all your LANSA applications. You should only use this alternative to test your Web applications, since it does not limit access to your applications by user profile.

This model does not require you to set up user authentication in the Web Server. In fact, the CGI-BIN library in the Web Server should not be set to require user authentication.

The anonymous user is defined as DFTUSR. This DFTUSR profile is registered to LANSA Web using the LANSA Web Administrator. The user profile defined for the anonymous user should only have minimal access rights.

For a LANSA partition it is possible to assign anonymous users in the form of DFT_<partition>, where <partition> is the name of your partition. This feature allows you to set the access for each partition.

Using this model, all your applications are executed using the anonymous user profile.

To use this model, review the Before You Begin Checklist and refer to Steps for Anonymous User Access.