Step 1. Create IBM i Validation List & Add Users

If you do not already have a validation list, you must create one.

To do this:

1.  From an IBM i command entry (CALL QCMD), create a validation list using the CRTVLDL command. To create a validation list named USERLIST in QGPL, enter the following:


2.  Use the WRKOBJ command to ensure the validation list has *PUBLIC with *USE authority.

3.  To add users to the newly created validation list, use the IBM Web Administration for IBM i by starting the *ADMIN instance. From the browser select the Advanced tab, from the Internet Users and Groups section select Add Internet User.

You may also use the W3@P2301 program to add users to the validation list. For more details, refer to 1.5.6 Modifying IBM i Validation Lists.

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