Step 3. Work with Listener Records

From the Work with Configuration Items menu, select the COMMS_LISTENER_RECS to review these records.

The Work with Communications Listener Records screen is displayed.


  LCOADMP404       Work with Communications Listener Records


  Type options, press Enter.

  2=Review/Change        4=Delete


                                    Prestart   Connection 

   Sel Comms Method               Session Jobs   Id 

   __  SOCKET                                1   4545 





  Object LCROUT.DAT in library QGPL now locked by this job.
  F1=Help  F6=Add/Create  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages



This screen lists all the listener records stored in the LANSA Communications Extensions routing table.

There is one listener record for each supported communications method.

If a record has been defined for the system, make note of the Connection ID. You can use option 2 to change the connection ID if required.

If a record has not been defined, press F6=Add/Create.

The Add Communication Listener Record screen is displayed.


  LCOADMP411         Add Communications Listener Record


  Communications method . . . . . . . SOCKET                  

  Number of session jobs to prestart  _____1 

  Connection identifier . . . . . . . 4545                

  Cryptographic algorithm . . . . . . *NONE +

  Data compression . . . . . . . . . YES

  Login timeout (seconds)  . . . . . 10

  TCP_NODELAY TCP/IP socket option . YES

  TCP_KeepAlive TCP/IP socket option NO_

  Check exclusive use of port . . .  YES


  Tracing Options

  Errors . . . . . . . _ External IPC calls .     IPC data . . . . . . _ 

  Debug listener . . . _ Calls to CPIC . . .  _    Internal IPC calls . _

  CPIC data . . . . .  _ System info . . . .  _    Cryptographic info . _ 


  Logging Options 

  Connect in . . . . . _ Connect out . . . .  _ 




  F1=Help F4=Prompt F12=Cancel F14=Messages


These input options are required on the Add Listener Record screen:

Communications Method

Specify SOCKET.

Number of Session Jobs to Prestart

Enter the number of session jobs to be prestarted by the listener job. Session jobs are prestarted to reduce the connection time from requesting clients by avoiding the time required by the operating system to start a job. It must be a positive number in the range 1 to 9,999.

Connection Identifier

For SOCKET (TCP/IP), this is the port number at which the listener job will listen for connection requests. If left blank, the default value of 4545 is used. The workstations must be configured to connect to the port number nominated here. If left blank, they will use the default value of 4545.

Cryptographic Algorithm

Specify the cryptographic algorithm used to encrypt transmitted data. It is recommended that you initially use *NONE -No encryption. This is compatible with prior releases of LANSA Communication extension.

Data Compression

Specify YES to allow LANSA Communications Extensions to compress the data before it is transmitted. This is the default value. 

Don't change the default for the following options unless directed to by LANSA:

      Login timeout (seconds)

      TCP_NODELAY TCP/IP socket option

      TCP_KeepAlive TCP/IP socket option

      Check exclusive use of port