14.3 Limitations

You cannot use a user profile name that is used by other LANSA system. You must use different users for each LANSA system.

This is not an issue if the LANSA systems are in the *SYSBAS asp as the user profile name is by default the same as the LANSA program library name but it may be an issue when LANSA systems are installed into IASP groups.

If you have same library names in two different IASPs, only one of the IASPs can be active at a time.  OS issues an error when varying on IASP that contains libraries that already exist (or active) in the system already.

For example, you can install two LANSA systems with the same library names in two different IASP groups but they cannot be active at the same time and also the following must be unique across the IBM i system: 

During an install, the default subsystem description for the LANSA system is created and placed in the LANSA program library. This subsystem is not able to be started due to a limitation of the current IBM i operating systems. It is possible to move this subsystem description into the *SYSBAS asp or create your own subsystem description in the *SYSBAS asp and configure this with the LANSA job entries.

The default job descriptions are also created and placed in the LANSA program library. But the job description that is used for the Partition security officer user profile must be manually moved to a *SYSBAS asp.

The default work management objects that are created during the install of a LANSA system are essentially created for LANSA to function in a *SYSBAS asp environment but the necessary changes have been made to be compatible with the use of IASPs. These changes may not be correct for your operational environment. It is strongly recommended that you review and make any necessary changes that are appropriate for your operational environment.