Step 2. Configure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Once you have TCP/IP working correctly, the next step is to configure SMTP. Read the chapter Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) in the TCP/IP Configuration and Reference guide (SC41-5420-00).

This IBM guide explains how to send and receive mail with OfficeVision or with the SNDDST and RCVDST commands if you don't have OfficeVision. Although it is not required that you learn how to use these commands to send and receive mail, they can be very useful for testing and troubleshooting at a later stage.

You don't need to setup the distribution directory to send messages using the LANSA Email Built-In Functions. The LANSA Email Built-In Function MAIL_ADD_RECIPIENT accepts a full SMTP address. Refer to the LANSA Technical Reference Guide for details of the Email Built-In Functions.


Define one remote SNADS name with its corresponding SMTP alias to use when testing the sending of messages using either OfficeVision or the SNDDST command. This SNADS name must have SMTP as its preferred address.


If you will be sending mail over the Internet, the remote name server that you nominate should be able to resolve domain names (i.e. be a Domain Name Server).