2.6 The LANSA Online Guide

The LANSA Online Guide provides a quick and convenient way of finding out about a specific LANSA topic. 

By pressing the HELP key at any time while working with a LANSA screen, when the cursor is NOT on the same line as a message, a screen similar to the one shown below is displayed.


 SUBJECTS          LANSA Online Guide ‑ Selected Subjects

 Type action code next to each desired subject, then press Enter.

 1=Display 5=Print

  Action  Subject

                     GETTING STARTED

   _    What the Online User Guide is for

   _    Introduction to LANSA

   _    The Components of LANSA

   _    Accessing LANSA

   _    Selecting entries from the LANSA menus

   _    Function keys

   _    Messages and the HELP key


   _    The field control menu

   _    Selecting field(s) to be worked with


   _    What is a file definition ?

   _    Making a new file operational

   _    Making an amended file operational                      +


 F2=Ex Help  F3=Exit  F14=Messages  F23=Contents



The list of topics initially presented will relate to the task being performed. You can, of course, choose any other topic or display the complete contents of the LANSA Online Guide.

The text of the Online Guide is taken from the LANSA for i User Guide and the Technical Reference Guide. It covers all aspects of using LANSA on the IBM i, including the development of applications.