Step 1. Create a New Library

To create a new partition you must sign on as the LANSA security officer. The LANSA security officer is defined during the installation of the LANSA software. The QSECOFR or QOTHPRDOWN user profiles are typically used. For more details, refer to Partition Security Officer in New User Profiles in the Installing LANSA on IBM i Guide

Use the IBM i CRTLIB command. Use the prompt key if you are unsure of the parameters.

Library Name:


Library Type:



LANSA development partition library

You must create a library to store the LANSA program objects and files which you will create when developing your applications with LANSA. If you wish to store the application data files in a separate library from the program objects, you may wish to create a second library such as LANSADTA.

You will specify the LANSADEV library in Step 2. Create the New Partition.