Step 2. Load (or re-Loading) the File Definition

The detailed definition of the file must now be loaded into the LANSA Repository. This loading process consists of populating the Repository with the fields (field length, position in file, etc.) that make up the record layout of the file and the logical files, if used.

1.  From the File Control Menu select the Review or change a file definition option.


 pppFILMENU                  File Control Menu                         


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter.


  2  1. Create a new file definition                                 

     2. Review or change a file definition                             

     3. Delete a file definition                                       

     4. Make new or amended file definition operational                

     5. Print file definitions                                         

     6. Bulk Load of OTHER files                                       

     7. Exit from LANSA                                                




 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages                            



     This option is selected because the new file definition was created in the previous step.

2.  Press Enter and you are asked to nominate the file to be loaded:


 pppSELFILE            Select File to Work with                        


 Enter full or partial name of the file definition(s) to be worked

 with or leave blank to select from all file definitions  _____________







  F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages 



3.  Select your file as described in 5.4.5 Nominate the File to work with. When you have selected the file, press Enter and the File Definition Menu (Review) is displayed.


 pppFILREV              File Definition Menu (Review)                  


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter.


  9  1. Review or change fields in file definition                     

     2. Review or change logical views of file                         

     3. Review or change file validation checks                        

     4. Review or change access routes to other files                  

     5. Review or change virtual fields                                

     6. Review or change batch control logic                           

     7. Review or change database file attributes                      

     8. Review or change file multilingual attributes                  

     9. Load definition of file not maintained by LANSA                

    10. Exit from LANSA                                                



 File being worked with is . . . . : File Description                  

 Name and library are  . . . . . . : FileName    Library               



 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages                          



4.  Select the option to Load definition of file not maintained by LANSA and press Enter to start the load process.

Logical Files

     During the load process, logical file definitions are created, when applicable. You will be given the option of retaining or rejecting each one. Rejecting a logical view has no impact on any system other than LANSA.

Commit Amendments

5.  Whenever you create or make modifications to a file definition, you are prompted to commit the amendments.


 COMMITAMD                  Commit File Amendment(s)                   



 Commit amendment(s) . . . . . . . . . YES   YES, NO                   




 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



     Enter YES, otherwise you will lose all the changes you have made.

Note: If you are using Task Ids, then the relevant Task Identifier is displayed on this screen.

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