5.2.2 Re-load a single non-LANSA IBM i File Definition



you must re-load the file's definition if these changes are to be applied to the LANSA environment.

You can use the procedures described for loading a single file's definition or you can use the much easier procedures which are described in 5.2.3 Load (or Re-load) Multiple File Definitions.

To re-load a single file you will:

1.  Choose the Load definition of file not maintained by LANSA option from the File Definition Menu (Review).

2.  Adjust the existing file or field definitions in the Repository, if necessary.

3.  Make the File Operational.

When you re-load the definition of an existing IBM i file, any Repository features you have already defined for that file will be retained.

If a field has been deleted from the external file's definition, it will be deleted from the LANSA file definition during the re-load, but the related field definitions will not be deleted from the Repository. Deleting the field must be done manually if the field is no longer required.

Any file level rules or triggers that directly reference fields no longer in the file definition are automatically deleted.