Step 1. Create a list of files to be made known to LANSA

To access this facility, select the Bulk load of OTHER files option from either the File Control Menu or the Work with Files screen. The Bulk Load of OTHER files screen is displayed.


 LS@0001113               Bulk Load of OTHER files                     


 Enter library which contains files  . . . . . . . . PAYLIB            

 Enter full or partial name of file(s) to be worked with or leave blank

 to select all . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PR               








 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Prompt  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages              



Enter the search criteria for the OTHER files that you wish to work with. The criteria consists of a library, which must be entered, and a file name. The file name may be a full name, a partial name or blank.

Go to Step 2. Select the files to be loaded or reloaded.