Step 3. Add/Modify Field Features

After you have entered the field's details on the Add Data Dictionary Field screen:

  • if you are copying from another LANSA field, you will be asked whether you wish to copy all the validations, error messages, etc.
  • if you are manually creating this field, you will be returned to the Add Data Dictionary Field screen to add your next field.
  • Once you have created your new field, press F12 to return to the Field Control Menu to select the options to add to your new field.

    You should ensure, as appropriate for each field, that:

  • Proper descriptions, defaults, labels, headings, stamping attributes, etc. have been specified.
  • System variables for defaults have been used where possible.
  • Field level validations have been specified.
  • Messages for validations are correct.
  • Triggers have been defined, if necessary.
  • Virtual fields have been created, where applicable.
  • Multilingual characters have been reviewed, if applicable.