6.4 Add or Modify Field Options

Review each of the field options on the Field Control Menu and add to each field as appropriate.



 PppDICMENU                 Field Control Menu                        


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter


     1. Create new field definitions                                  

     2. Review or change field definitions                            

     3. Review or change field multilingual attributes                

     4. Review, change or create field validation checks              

     5. Review, change or create field HELP text                      

     6. Print field definitions                                       

     7. Create new system variable definitions                        

     8. Review or change system variable definitions                  

     9. Create new multilingual variables                             

    10. Review or change multilingual variables                       

    11. Create or re-create a field reference file                    

    12. Exit from LANSA                                               


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages                          



Select the option required and press Enter. Choose the field you wish to work with using the Select Field to Work with screen.

A description of some of the Field Control Menu items is included in the following:

6.4.1 Field Validation Rules and Triggers

6.4.2 Help Text

6.4.3 Virtual Fields

6.4.4 Reference Fields.

For further details, refer to Fields in the LANSA for i User Guide.

Depending on the changes you make to a field, you may need to re-generate the I/O module by "making the file operational". A list of changes which require the I/O module to be regenerated is given in What is an I/O Module? in this guide.