3.1 What is a LANSA system?

A complete LANSA system is comprised of the LANSA program library, LANSA data library, and system partition library.

By loading a second set of these libraries (using different library names), you install a second complete system.

When you installed the LANSA software onto your IBM i, these libraries are supplied:

The LANSA program library.

The LANSA data library.

The "SYS" or system partition library.

Refer to the Summary of Installed Objects in the Installing & Upgrading LANSA on IBM i Guide for the actual names used.


LANSA Program Library

The LANSA program library contains the executable objects that run the developer menus and panels. For example, the program which allows you to enter field definitions is stored in this library.

LANSA Data Library

The LANSA data library contains the internal Database files used by the LANSA software. The files in this library contain system level information such as the definitions of all LANSA created objects. These definitions are stored in internal LANSA files, with their partition identifier as a part of the record key.

Note: The LANSA system objects are stored in two libraries to facilitate backup. The LANSA program library only needs to be backed up infrequently. However, the LANSA data library should be backed up regularly. For details, refer to Backup and Recovery in the LANSA for i Administration Guide.

System (SYS) Partition Library

The "SYS" partition library for the common LANSA system definitions.

Application Libraries

When you create new partitions, LANSA does not create the partition library or libraries. You will have to manually create these libraries before you create the partition, if they do not already exist.

The partition creation screen gives you the option of using one or two partition libraries:

The program (module) library will contain the executable objects, such as functions. It is also possible to specify that I/O Modules will be created in this library, but, by default, they will be created with the file in the file library.

The "data" is the LANSA definition in Repository. The actual data files are wherever you have created them. This data library is the default library for files, but they can be located anywhere.

Only two libraries are generally needed when developing applications using LANSA.

The module library is mandatory and is unique to the partition.

The data library can be the same as the module library or any library of your choice.