5.14.2 Select Task Identifier(s)

When Option 7 'Copy TaskID' is used against an entry on the 'Work with List Entries' screen, a screen similar to the following example is used to display a list of task identifiers that you are authorized to work with.


 DC@P410018          Select Task Identifier(s)                         





Select a Task Identifier(s), so that all objects in current partition

worked on under the Task Identifier will be automatically added to list


   Sel   Task ID   Description                                         

    _    00000001  Design A/C module database - Ref. 0330             

    _    00000002  User change request - Ref. 0331                     

    _    00000003  Implement new A/C module - Ref. 0332                

    _    00000004  User change request - Ref. 0333                     



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



This facility allows you to add all objects (LANSA fields, files, processes, functions, system variables and multilingual variables) for the current partitions that have been worked on under the selected task identifier(s) to the impact list.

If a process object exists on the selected task identifier all functions in that process will be added to the impact list.

Once all objects have been added to the impact list the 'Work with List Entries' display will be shown with the added objects highlighted.

The added objects will have an associated 'why it was added ' reason . This reason will contain the originating task identifier.