Select Functions for Profile Search

When you select Functions for Profile Search, this screen is displayed:


 DC@P410009       Add FUNCTION Entry by Profile Search


 Run in Batch  YES      Enter Operation and Value/s for search criteria

 Type of Function      A   (A=All, C=Compiled, N=Not compiled)         


 Process name          __ _________                                    

 Process Description   __ _____________________________________  

 Menu Style            __ ________                                     

 Optimise comm         __ _    GUI enabled  __ _     WEB enabled  __ _ 


 Function name         __ _________                                    

 Function Description  __ _____________________________________        


 RDML Code             __ __________________________________________   


 Help Text             __ ____________________________                 

 in Help Text type     A                                               


 Last Action           __ ________ __  (YYYYMMDD Action)               



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



The Run in Batch option can be YES or NO. For details of Run in Batch see 5.14.9 Run Impact List searches in Batch.

Entries for Function profile search:




Type of Function


A - all Functions will be searched

C - only compiled functions will be searched

N - only functions which are NOT compiled will be searched

Process name

EQ,= ,NE,blank

blank, full or partial name

Process Description

EQ,= ,NE,IN, blank


Menu Style

EQ,= ,NE,blank


Optimize comm

EQ,= ,NE,blank

blank, Y or N

GUI enabled

EQ,= ,NE,blank

blank, Y or N

WEB enabled

EQ,= ,NE, blank

blank, Y or N

Function Name

EQ,= ,NE,blank

blank, full or partial name

Function Description

EQ,= ,NE,IN, blank





Help Text

EQ,= ,IN, blank


In Help Text type


A - all Help text will be searched

P - only Process Help text will be searched

F - only Function Help text will be searched

Last Action

EQ,= ,GT,> , GE,>=,LT,< , LE,<=,NE,blank

The value consists of two parts, a date in YYYYMMDD format and an action. Possible combinations are: both blank (no search), both entered (search on date and action), date entered with blank action (search on date and any action).

Possible values for action: blank, AE(exported to IBM i), CI(checked in), CM(compiled), CO(checked out), CR(created), DI(Deliver To), IM(imported), MD(modified), WE(exported to workstation), MC (modified by checkin), MI (modified by import).