Select Changed Objects for Profile Search

The Add Changed Object screen is displayed when an Add changed objects is selected from the Add Entry by Profile Search pop-up. This search enables you to find all objects that have been changed in some way since a particular date. This is achieved by searching for the relevant object type with the Last Action date and a list of relevant actions.


 DC@P410020             Add Changed Objects


 Run in Batch  YES      Enter Operation and Value/s for search criteria

 Object Name          __ _________                                    


 Object type           X object types required                        




                          System Variable

                          Multilingual Variable



 Last Action           __ ________ __  (YYYYMMDD)





 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



The Run in Batch option can be YES or NO. For details of running in batch, refer to 5.14.9 Run Impact List searches in Batch.

Entries for Changed Object search:




Object Name

EQ, + , NE, blank

blank, full or partial name

Object type


At least one of the listed object types must be selected.

Last Action

EQ,= , GT, > , GE, >=, LT, < , LE, <=, blank

The value consists of two parts, a date in YYYYMMDD format and an Action.

A date must be entered.

From zero to 10 Actions may be entered. Objects with Last Action matching any of the supplied actions will be found and returned. Possible values for action are:
AE(exported to IBM i),
CI(checked in), CM(compiled),
CO(checked out), CR(created), DI(Deliver To), IM(imported), MD(modified), WE(exported to workstation), MC(modified checkin),
MI (modified import).