6.2 Review System Settings

Review of System Settings screen is available from the Administration menu which is opened from the Main System Menu (Advanced).

This facility enables you to review and change settings which apply to your LANSA system. These settings are held on the system data areas, DC@A01, DC@A07 and DC@OSVEROP. The option to change the settings will only be available if you have authority to change all these data areas.

The initial screen lists categories of settings. Select the category you wish to review.


 DC@P8118        Review System Settings


 Select category of settings to review.    


   Export and Import

   Task tracking

   Field and File defaults

   Compile and Edit options

   Execution and security

   Display and print controls 

   Non SSA/CUA partition defaults

   General information    


 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                        



Whenever changes are made to data areas DC@A01, DC@A07 or DC@OSVEROP settings, please ensure that these "post-change" procedures are completed:

1.  Make the same change to all LANSA systems installed on all IBM i machines in your organization so that all settings are identical.

2.  When Visual LANSA users are involved, use the LANSA REQUEST(PCMAINT) command to (re)export the changed system and/or partition definitions into the IFS. The export file is created in the IFS directory is named LANSA_xxxpgmlib\export\.

3.  Use the Import facility from the Tools action bar item to import the changed system definition into each and every PC system.

The maintenance of identical system and partition configuration options across all LANSA systems on all IBM i and PCs is vital to the smooth running of a LANSA system.