6.3 Remove LANSA User

To display the Remove LANSA user screen, select Administration from the Main System Menu (Advanced), choose Remove LANSA User from the Administration Menu.

The Remove LANSA User facility enables you to remove references to a user from all partitions in this LANSA system. You must enter the specific user to be removed. 

References to the user will be removed from

To use this option, you must be QSECOFR, part of the QSECOFR group, the Partition Security Officer or part of the Partition Security Officer group.

You will be asked to confirm the removal request. The process will be run interactively.

A related facility exists from the Housekeeping menu, the Re-organizing the LANSA Internal Database. An option in this reorgranize process allows you to remove any user on the LANSA security file who no longer exists as an IBM i user profile.