10.2.5 LANSA Communications Routing Records(COMMS_ROUTING_RECS)

The routing information you enter on this screen is used to set up the link between the client and the server. It is stored in the communications routing table /<LANSA_adminlib>/connect/lroute.dat where <LANSA_adminlib> is your LANSA administration library.


  LCOADMP407            Change Communications Routing Record


 Partner LU Name (HOST) . . . . . . . *HOST                  

 Fully Qualified Name . . . . . . . . Local      




 Communications method . . . . . . .  Socket                    

 Communications module . . . . . . .  0                         

 Connection identifier . . . . . . .  4545 

 Packet size . . . . . . . . . . . .  00000

 TCP_NODELAY TCP/IP socket option . . YES

 Enable IPv6  . . . . . . . . . . . . NO


Tracing Options                                                             

  Errors . . . . . . .     External IPC calls .     IPC data . . . . . .  

  Debug listener . . .     Calls to CPIC  . . .     Internal IPC calls .  

  CPIC data  . . . . .     System info  . . . .     Cryptographic info .  

  Trace Host . . . . .                                                      

 Logging Options                                                             

  Connect in . . . . .      Connect out  . . . .                           


 Fn=Help  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Msgs  Fnn=SelBasic  Fnn=Select All  Fnn=Clear



Enter the following information:

Partner LU name (Host)

This is the name for the Data/Application Server. (For example, the name might appear as S102ABCD.) This name is simply used to represent the fully qualified name.

Fully qualified name

For an IP connection, the fully qualified host name can be the IP address (for example or it can be the assigned TCP Host Name (for example S102ABCD.APPN.SNA.IBM.COM) for the Application/Data Server.

Communications method

Always SOCKET.

Communications Module

Leave blank.

Connection Identifier

For SOCKET (TCP/IP), this is the port number at which the listener job will listen for connection requests. The workstations must be configured to connect to the port number nominated here. The default is 4545.

Packet size

Leave as default. The size is determined internally from the size of the send buffer. The default is 1024 plus the size of a header. This parameter should not be changed, unless the change is made by a networking specialist configuring for special circumstances.


Indicates whether the TCP_NODELAY TCP/IP socket option should be enabled or not. This option is displayed only if the communications method is SOCKET (TCP/IP). Valid values are:

Enable IPv6

Whether to enable support for Internet Protocol version 6.

Tracing Options

Select (enter any non-blank character) for each option to indicate the events or actions which require tracing or Press the relevant function key to either Select the Basic options, Select All options or Clear All options:


Traces error information. This consists of errors which may be considered "normal" during communications as well as any "fatal" errors encountered. "Fatal" error messages are also written to the IBM i job log.

System Info

Traces basic information at the system software level such as version negotiation.

Debug Listener

Traces the events in the listener job.

IPC Data

Trace data sent and received at the point where the Inter Process Communications (IPC) interface (for example, TCP/IP sockets) is called.


Trace data sent and received at the point where LANSA Communications Extensions APIs are called.

Internal IPC Calls

Trace calls made to the Inter Process Communications (IPC) interface (for example, the Sockets IPC Module).

External IPC Calls

Trace calls to the IBM i communications interface (for example, TCP/IP sockets APIs).

Cryptographic Info

Trace cryptographic information

Calls to CPIC

Trace API (CPIC) calls to the LANSA Communications Extensions CPIC Manager.

Trace Host

Trace flags will be sent to the host during the connection of this route record. The host will use the trace flag for this communication session.


Logging Options

Enables the recording of normal events which need tracking when the listener job is running. On the IBM i messages are sent to the job's external message queue and will be listed in the job log.

Connect In

Record details of incoming connection requests.

Connect Out

Reserved for future use.


Press Enter when you have completed these entries.