10.2.2 EIM Authorized User (COMMS_EIM_USER)

To add or update EIM (Enterprise Indentity Mapping) User Details, select COMMS_EIM_USR from the 10.2 LANSA Communications Extensions Configuration Items (COMMS_EXTENSIONS) screen.

To use this facility, you must be logged on as QSECOFR, or be part of the QSECOFR group, the Partition Security Officer or part of the Partition Security Officer group.

Add EIM User

This facility enables you to specify the User Name and Password that LANSA Communications will use when querying the Enterprise Indentity Mapping system during Kerberos authentication.

Only one User Name and Password is recorded and this is stored in a validation list. This Validation list (LCOVLDL *VLDL) is created by the LANSA IBM i Install/Upgrade process and placed in the LANSA Communication Library.

When changing either field on this screen, please re-enter the required values for both fields.


    DC@P813101        Add EIM - User Details 


  Distinguished name . . . . .     ______________________ 

  Password . . . . . . . . . .     











      F1=Help    F3=Exit    F12=Cancel    F14=Messages



Add/Update the name and the password as described:

Distinguished name

Enter the distinguished name of an LDAP user authorized to query the EIM. A typical example is:


Enter the password for the LDAP user authorized to query the EIM.