1.10.3 Online Access to Last Action Details

Last action details for LANSA objects is accessible online via either option 17 from the relevant Work With screen or if there is no Work With screen, via function key 17 from the relevant Display screen.

Last action details for LANSA object types: field, system variable, multilingual variable, file, process and function, is only accessible online via the advanced development menus.

In either case a screen similar to the following will be displayed:


 DC@P820201                Review Last Action Details                 


 Partition: XXX Object:XXXXXXXXXX Extension: XXXXXXXXXX Type: XXXXXXXX


 Created by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Modified by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Compiled by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Exported to IBM i by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Exported to Workstation by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Checked out by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Used to Export by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Imported by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Checked in by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Exported via PCMAINT by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Reorganised by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Used to Produce Report by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Lock to task XXXXXXXX by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/yy at hh:mm:ss

 Checked in by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss

 Locked to Task ID XXXXXXX by XXXXXXXXXX on dd/mm/ccyy at hh:mm:ss 

                                         using XXXXXX


Fnn=HELP  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  F22=ShowLong




Together, the Partition, Object, Extension and Type define which LANSA object for which Last Action Details are being displayed.

The body of the screen shows the formatted Last Action Details for actions which have last been carried out against the LANSA object since the Last Action Details feature was loaded onto this LANSA system.

The date is shown in system format. Both the date and time are shown with system defined separators.

From this screen it is possible to:

Show Long Name for the object by pressing F22. Refer to 1.13 Long Names for information.