10.1 Work with Configuration Items

Some system definition values are accessed directly by changing the IBM i objects in which they are stored.

Some other system definition values are stored in a format which is not easily accessible or which may change in time. For these, LANSA provides program interfaces by which you can display or change the values without having to be concerned about the physical implementation of the configuration item.

To work with configuration items, enter the command:


The Work with Configuration Items screen is displayed.


 DC@P401601            Work with Configuration Items            


 Current position . : /



 Select configuration item to be reviewed or changed:             


  Sel   Configuration Item    Description  

   _    COMMS_EXTENSIONS      LANSA communications extensions     

   _    ILE_EXT               LANSA ILE Extension        






 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages



Also see

10.2 LANSA Communications Extensions Configuration Items (COMMS_EXTENSIONS)

10.3 LANSA 3rd Party ILE Extensions

From the Work with Configuration Items screen you can select the configuration item to be displayed or changed.

Configuration items are logically arranged in a folder/document like structure to group related configuration items together. Selecting a group item will display the items housed under it. Once the configuration item being searched for is found, selecting it will bring the review/change screen for that particular configuration item.

The "Current position" field displays the sequence of all configuration items (each item separated by a "/") you have selected from the top level up to the current configuration item. The top level is where you are positioned when you first invoke the Work with Configuration Items screen.

Displayed in the lower part are the configuration items found in the current position.

Select the configuration item that is to be reviewed or changed from the list displayed by entering any non-blank character beside it in the column headed "Sel" (select). If you select a configuration item that is a group item, a list of the configuration items grouped under it will be displayed. Otherwise, the details of the configuration item will be displayed.