1.3 Accessing LANSA

LANSA can be invoked from command entry display by entering the command:


If the system responds with a message that says "Command LANSA *LIBL not found." then re-enter the command as:

 <pgm lib>/LANSA 

where <pgm lib> is the name of the LANSA program library. Normally this is DCXPGMLIB but it may be different on your system. Refer to What is a LANSA system? in the Introduction to LANSA for i Guide for more details.

Once invoked, the LANSA command will automatically establish the environment it needs to operate and present the MAIN SYSTEM MENU.

LANSA can also be invoked by using the CALL command:



 CALL <pgm lib>/LANSA

Either of these methods can be used to invoke LANSA from your own application menus.

In addition, the command LANSA and the program LANSA have parameters that allow you to pass information into the LANSA system. Refer to Using a Process or Function from Your Own Application for more details.

Note: If you wish to access a specific LANSA partition then you should also include parameter PARTITION(XXX) on the command where XXX is the required partition. You can change to another partition using the Housekeeping Menu after invoking LANSA. This is described in Change the System Partition Being Worked With.