1.6.2 Using an Impact List

It is possible to work with a subset of objects on the Work with Fields, Work with System Variables, Work with Multilingual Variables, Work with Files and Work with Processes screens.

The Impact List name is entered in the Impact List field. The List must exist and contain entries of the type being worked with. Only those entries which exist in the Impact List and in the repository will be displayed. By this means it is possible to have a list of objects which require changes and to work with just those objects on the Work with screens.

The actions taken against objects when using an Impact List subset are applied to the repository. For example, if using an Impact List and a field is changed, the changes are made to the field in the repository. Any changes or deletions made when using an Impact List are made to the repository. The Impact List is not changed.

When using an impact list, the 1.6.1 Sort by Description facility is not available.

Impact List creation and maintenance is performed using the "Work with Impact Lists" on the Housekeeping Menu.