1.6.3 Function Keys

LANSA has several functions which can be performed by using function keys. These are:


Function Key




Display help text about the current function.



Exit from LANSA immediately, or return to the Main System Menu immediately.



Cancel current function.



Display all messages.



Add details to those currently displayed.



Change information currently displayed.



Delete information currently displayed.



Prompt allowable values for a field


The column headed "Function key" has been left blank because the actual function key number assigned to the function is set during the LANSA installation procedures.

This allows the function key assignments within LANSA to match your installation standards. For instance, some sites use function key 1 for EXIT while others prefer key 3. Likewise, some sites use function key 8 for ADD while others use function key 6.

All LANSA screens show the function keys that can be used on lines 23 and 24 of the screen like this:


       F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages  

This example shows function keys 1, 3, 12 and 14 assigned to the functions Help, Exit, Cancel and Messages respectively. If your function key assignments are different, then this will be reflected in the display.

It should be noted that only the currently usable function keys are ever shown on any screen. For example, the ADD, CHANGE and DELETE function keys have no use on any of the system menus and thus are not displayed.