1.7.1 Messages

When message(s) have been issued, the first message is always displayed on line 22 of the current screen (above the function key line).


 Job 123456/QUSER/INVOICE submitted to job queue QGPL/QBATCH        +

 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages                          


A plus sign indicates that more messages follow this message.

If the plus sign appears then there are two ways of viewing the following message(s).


 CUSADD01                  Enter New Customer Details                


 Cust no ....... A6747                                               

 Cust name ..... ACME ENGINEERING INCORPORATED                       

 Address ....... 121 Smith Street                                    



|                                                                   |

| ===== Messages issued by the task you are currently performing ===|

| Job 123456/QUSER/INVOICE submitted to job queue QGPL/QBATCH       |

| Job 123458/QUSER/FINAL2 submitted to job queue QGPL/QBATCH        |

| ========= Messages sent to your workstation by other users or jobs|

| Job 123451/FINAL1/QUSER completed normally                        |

| ============================ End of messages =====================|