1.7.3 Display Second Level Message Text

Second level message text can be displayed at any time by placing the screen cursor on the same screen line as the message and pressing the HELP key.

This applies equally to a message on line 22 of any display, or the special display that results from using the MESSAGES function key (previously described).

For example the second level text of a message like this on line 22 of a display could be viewed by positioning the screen cursor onto line 22 and pressing the HELP key:


 Field name and alias name cannot be the same                        +

 F1=HELP  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages                           



The resulting second level text display would look like this:


                    SECOND LEVEL MESSAGE DISPLAY                      

  Msg ID: DCM0464 Sev: 00 Type: INFO        05/01/87  12:08:14        

  Job:            User:            Nbr:                               

  From pgm: DC@P9002   Inst: 0000 To pgm: DC@P1001   Inst:            

     Field name and alias name cannot be the same                     


 All field names and all alias names must be unique in combination.   

 This means that no field can have the same name as another field or  

 The same name as the field's alias name. Likewise a field's alias    

 Name cannot be the same as another field's name or another field's   

 Alias name. Change the alias name you have used, remove the alias    

 Name altogether or change the field name.