1.7.4 Display the Online Guide and Search the Dictionary

If the HELP key (or the HELP function key) is pressed at any time while working within LANSA (rather than within a user application created by LANSA) and the screen cursor is NOT on the same line as a message then a screen showing related subjects will be displayed.

The list of subjects initially displayed will be "related" to the task being performed when the HELP key was used.

The example below shows what may result if the HELP key was used when reviewing or creating a new field definition:



 SUBJECTS        LANSA Online Guide - Selected Subjects               


 Type action next to each desired subject, then press Enter.          

   1=Display  5=Print                                                 


 Action  Subject                                                      

   _     Defining new fields in the LANSA dictionary                  

   _     Amending existing fields in the LANSA dictionary             

   _     Impact of field definition changes on file definitions       

   _     Impact of field definition changes on process definitions    

   _     Creating a field reference file                              



 Fnn=Ex HELP Fnn=Exit Fnn=Cancel Fnn=Messages Fnn=Contents 



Working from the LANSA Online Guide's Selected Subjects screen you can:

To return to what was being done before the HELP key was pressed use the "Exit" function key or "Cancel" function key or press enter without selecting any subject(s) to be displayed or printed.