1.7.5 The Extended HELP Facility

The "Extended HELP Facility" is of particular use if you are using the more technical facilities of LANSA.

It is invoked by pressing the HELP function key on any LANSA screen, then using the "Ex HELP" (extended help) function key from the resulting "Selected Subjects" display.

This will cause a display like the example below to be presented to you:


 EXTENDHELP          Online Guide - Extended HELP Facilities  


 Enter Search Choice(s) and press the Enter key.                


 Search the Data Dictionary                                           

   For fields and files containing   :  BILL OF LADING                




 Search the Online Guide Table of                                     

   Contents for Subjects containing  :  ABORT                         




 Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages  Fnn=Contents          



Working from the Extended HELP Facilities screen you can:

     In the screen example shown above, the user is requesting that the Data Dictionary be searched for occurrences of different strings that involve a "BILL OF LADING" number and that the Online Guide Table of Contents be searched for the strings "ABORT" and "SUBSTRING".

You can also: