1.9 Select LANSA Objects via the Prompt Key

If the Prompt key is pressed at any time when the cursor is positioned on an object (field, file, process and function) where the prompt key has been enabled (indicated by a "+" at the end of the field) the "Selecting a LANSA object" facility will be invoked.

Depending on the type of object for which the prompt selection facility is requested, a pop-up window will be displayed enabling you to:

1.9.1 Select a Field to Work With

1.9.2 Select a File to Work With

1.9.3 Select a Process to Work With

1.9.4 Select a Function to Work With

These object prompt selection options allow you to search for a specific object and return the selected object to the program from which the prompt key selection facility was invoked.

Each of the four object prompt selection options is described in the following sections.