2.14.2 HELP Text Copy Options

If no HELP text currently exists for the chosen field, then this format is presented:


 DC@P100201               Create Help Text by Copy                     





 No HELP text currently exists for this FIELD                          

 Optionally use any one of the options below to initialise             

 the HELP text                                                         


 Either copy HELP text from field . . .  ________

 Or     copy HELP text from process . .  ________

 Or     copy HELP text from process . .  ________  function . .  _____  

 Or     set up a standard HELP text form by entering YES  . . . .  ___  



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



Using this format you can "initialize" the chosen field's HELP text by copying the HELP text from another field, process or function (within a process).

In addition it is possible to initialize the chosen field's HELP text to a "standard form".

The "standard form" that comes with the shipped version of LANSA can be changed. Refer to Help Text Enhancement & Substitution Values in the Technical Reference Guide for details.

If you use a "standard form" for the help, you can alter it by selecting from two procedures:

1.  Sign on as the LANSA security officer and invoke LANSA.
Review or change the HELP text associated with Process STDFORM.


2.  Review or change the "standard form" associated with function STDFORM. Function STDFORM is part of process STDFORM.