2.18.3 Select the Multilingual Variable(s) Required

When you elect to review or change a multilingual variable, a screen panel is presented that requests that you choose the multilingual variable(s) to be worked with.

If you have been working with multilingual variables previously then the name at the top of the display will be pre-filled with the name of the last multilingual variable you worked with.


 DEMDICMENU                  Field Control Menu                        


 Enter full or partial name of multilingual text variables to be worked

 with or leave blank to select from all variables . . . *MTXTDEMCAL


 Sel Variable Name         Left Aligned Value in Current Language      

  _  *MTXTDEMCALEN05801    MONDAY                                      

  _  *MTXTDEMCALEN06001    TUESDAY                                     

  _  *MTXTDEMCALEN06201    WEDNESDAY                                   

  _  *MTXTDEMCALEN06401    THURSDAY                                    

  _  *MTXTDEMCALEN06601    FRIDAY                                      

  _  *MTXTDEMCALEN06801    SATURDAY                                    

  _  *MTXTDEMCALEN07001    SUNDAY                                      



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



Using this display you can nominate the multilingual variables(s) required in 3 different ways:

After one or more multilingual variables have been selected, a detailed display will be presented for each one.

The layout and content of this detailed display is identical to that already described in the section "Creating a new multilingual variable".

Using this detailed display you can: