3. Files

This chapter describes these topics:

3.1 What Is a File and What Is a File Definition?

3.2 The File Control Menu

3.3 Select File Definition(s) to Work With

3.4 Create a New File Definition

3.5 File Definition Maintenance

3.6 Delete a File Definition

3.7 Make a New or Amended File Definition Operational

3.8 Print File Definitions

3.9 Bulk Load of OTHER files

3.10 The File Definition Menu

3.11 Fields in the File Definition

3.12 Logical Views/Files Associated with File Definition

3.13 File Level Rules/Triggers

3.14 Access Routes to Other Files

3.15 Virtual Fields

3.16 Batch Control Logic

3.17 Database File Attributes

3.18 File Multilingual Attributes

3.19 Load the Definition of a File NOT Maintained by LANSA

3.20 Tips and Techniques for Defining Files Using LANSA