3.1.1 When New File Definition Is Made Operational

When the menu option to make a new file definition operational is taken this occurs:

1.  An IBM i physical file is created. The format of the records in this file is determined by the fields that are contained in the LANSA file definition.

2.  If specified in the LANSA file definition one or more IBM i logical files may be created. All logical files will be based on the physical file created in step 1. Refer to 3.1 What Is a File and What Is a File Definition? for details.

3.  An I/O module will be created. This is an RPG program written and compiled by LANSA. It is called an I/O module because it supports all input and output operations to the physical file and any logical files created in the preceding steps. In addition it contains any validation and batch control logic in the LANSA file definition.

The actual procedures for making a new file definition operational are described in more detail in the following sections.